The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

The Knuth Family Farmers

Wilhelmina Knuth Bill Knuth Ramon Liptke back row John Knuth Douglas Kewl Ervin Knuth and Axel Willmen front row

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Wisconsin Knuth Family

Wilhelmine Bann Knuth,  William, Knuth, Ramon Liptke in th back row
John Knuth,  Douglas Kewl (Kuen?),  Ervin Knuth and Axel Wilmen (Axel Wilhelm ) in the front row

The Photograph is circa 1936 to 1940.  Ramon Liptke and Douglas Kuen were friends in this depression era family snap shot in Augusta Wisconsin.  Axel Wilhelm was a life long 'hired hand' on the Knuth family homestead.  You can see more about Axel on Snap Shot image page 2