The William Knuth Family of Augusta Wisconsin

Knuth Family Group

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Augusta Family Unknown

Augusta Family Members most of which are  not known. Members of Knuth Family relatives in Augusta Wisconsin. The Event and their identities are not fully known.  It is a family reunion of some sort.  Circa 1930's maybe

This photo is part of 3 that are apparently the same event, the same Family reunion.  Also see images 14, 15

Elma Gestner, Minnie Knuth Frederick - who lived to be 96,  Emill Knuth, Anna Knuth Wilma Knuth's Sister- who lived to 104, Rufphina Rubbert

This photo of a Knuth Family reunion that included Gestners, Rubberts, Knuth. Circa 1930s.  The families represented in the reunion lived in Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota